The Division 2 Among Us Character Traits

In Division 2, players can choose from various Among Us characters. These characters have their colour and special abilities. Some of these characters also lack arms.

Some are parasitic shapeshifters and have special abilities. This article will explore the traits of a Survivor, Scientist, and Guardian Angel.

Among Us, characters have their color

The Among Us game features several cosmetic items you can use to change your character’s appearance. These items include hats, nameplates, and skins.

Among Us characters have their colour, which allows you to customize them further. The game also features a new Bloodrush mode that allows players to turn themselves into bloodsucking vampires.

Red is an important colour in Among Us characters. It appears on the app logo and in the tutorial and promotional materials. The colour reminds players to be secretive. Black, meanwhile, is associated with the Impostor character and is often used as an icon for Sabotage.

They lack arms

While the Among Us video game characters have a human appearance, they are missing arms. These characters can still do humanoid tasks, but they can’t hold objects or carry out other human tasks, such as using their hands. They can only show their hands when needed, and they can appear and disappear at will.

They have special abilities.

In Among Us, you play as one of eighteen different Among Us characters. Each character has different special abilities, but they have one thing in common: they all have their colours. This lets you quickly identify who you are and where you’re going.

Most of the time, you’ll be assigned the role of a Crewmate by default, but you can also choose a different role by changing the colour of your spacesuit in the lobby.

You’ll also get different kinds of abilities as a Crewmate. For example, the Engineer can access the vent system of the ship, which gives them a special ability to create temporary problems. The Engineer also has access to the same vent as the Impostor, which is a useful tool for capturing an Impostor.

They have a parasitic shapeshifter.

Parasitic aliens are a persistent threat in the game, and you’ll need to protect your character from these creatures. They’re parasitic and shapeshifters, and they’ll steal the oxygen from your character’s body and kill it to survive.

You can defeat these creatures by cutting off their oxygen supply, but you must be careful, as their power and speed can be overwhelming.

The Among Us characters series is a multiplayer game so that you can play with friends online or over your local WiFi.

The game can be played with four to ten players. You may also have to deal with an alien impostor trying to destroy your crew before you get home. They’ll sabotage the ship, deceive the crew, and kill them to get to you.

They have supervision

In the comic book series, The Avengers, Roy Thomas Jr. wanted to create a character with unlimited vision, but Stan Lee, the editor-in-chief of Marvel, insisted on an android.

The result is the character known as Impostors, who have 1.5 times the range of regular Crewmates and can see in the dark. Their default colour is Fortegreen.


What are the characters in Among Us called?

Guardian Angel.

What are the roles in Among Us 2022?

There are currently seven roles in Among Us: Crewmate, Impostor, Scientist, Shapeshifter, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and ghost. Each role has different abilities and mechanics.

What creature is the imposter in Among Us?

According to the original Innersloth site, The Impostor is an alien and a “parasitic shapeshifter”.
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