The 7 Most Violent Video Games of All Time

Violence is not rare in video games, but some games are so gory that they deserve to be highlighted. Discover the most violent Video Games below:

“Video games make you violent”. You have certainly heard this sentence very often, either from your relatives or from the media. Despite the ridiculousness of this sentence, we must admit that some games, even if they are very good, can easily give grist to the anti-video game crowd.

Some of them have even marked the history of video games with their extreme violence. You may have in mind works such as Resident Evil, whose cast is not unanimous. But we assure you that many games do much worse. In fact, there are quite a few of them, which is why we wanted to make this ranking of the 7 most violent games ever created.

Even if some of the games in this ranking don’t make brutality their core business, we have to admit that some of them don’t go much further than offering free violence in their concept. They are not scary, unlike those scariest monsters in video games, but they are very trying.

Nevertheless, they also deserve your attention, at least for the debates they have generated, but also because they are simply UFOs of the video game. You’ll see that some countries don’t joke at all with violence and simply forbid some games to be released on their territory, even going as far as sanctions if a citizen owns it. Even the future God of War: Ragnarök will surely not be able to compete with that.

The 7 most violent video games in the history

Here are the 7 most violent games in the history of video games:


The GTA license is known for the freedom given to players. If the main story of GTA V often leads you to use violence (how can I forget that famous torture mission with Trevor…), it is this famous freedom that allows players to show extreme brutality.

Your characters have a real arsenal at their disposal and you can at any time freely attack innocent people who have not asked for anything. The realistic graphics of GTA exacerbate this gratuitous violence.

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us was already a pretty violent game. But the evolution of Ellie’s character between the two games makes The Last of Us Part II even gorier than its elder. So it’s one of the few games in this ranking that doesn’t offer unjustified violence. But the title is still to be reserved for an informed public.

Your enemies are as violent as you are. Axes, knives, and bullets fly, the characters are full of anger and all this violence is so realistic that it takes your guts. The fact that the brutality is justified by the torments and feelings of the characters also contributes to this.

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Madworld should be reserved for an informed public. The title is surely the most violent game ever released on a Nintendo console. In the game, you control a man equipped with a chainsaw on his forearm who participates in a reality show.

The goal is simple: eliminate your enemies in the most spectacular way possible. The means of killing are numerous and are at the center of the gameplay. The game is almost entirely in black and white so that the explosions of hemoglobin stand out even better and give an even more raw aspect to the violence.


In Manhunt, you play a death row inmate whose life has been redeemed to participate in a snuff film. The game is a manhunt: killers will hunt you down.

It’s either them or you. An arsenal is at your disposal to eliminate them, from plastic bags to scythes to firearms. Basically, Manhunt is like Hitman, only not as good, not as subtle, and much more violent. Manhunt has a nice record of territory bans, the most notable being Germany and New Zealand.

God of War III

This simple image should be enough to justify the presence of God of War III in this ranking. All the games of the license are gory, but this opus is undoubtedly the most trashy of them. This is largely due to the QTE sequences after defeating certain bosses.

They ask the player to literally demolish defenseless victims with fists and heads. The violence could be described as gratuitous, but it is still justified by the scenario and the psychology of the character of Kratos.

Postal 2

Postal 2 may seem like a life simulator in its premise: buy milk, deposit a check at the bank, return a book to the library… Except that the missions never go as planned. Since your character is a real scumbag, he will quickly resort to violence to solve his problems.

Postal 2 is totally unjustified in its brutality. It is also one of the few titles that offer the possibility to… urinate. Postal 2 is banned in several countries, including Germany and New Zealand. At the time, owning Postal 2 could even be punishable.


Hatred is the most violent game you can play. You play as a man who decides to become a mass murderer. The principle of the game is to kill as many civilians as possible and many means are at your disposal for that.

As you can see, Hatred has no limits in terms of violence. Seeing civilians flee upon your arrival, try to take refuge, and finally be shot down coldly by bullets or fire is only visible in the title of Destructive Creations. The first trailers of the game released in 2015 shocked many, as many players found it simply too violent to exist. Hatred is banned in many countries.

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