Perfect Knife For Peeling and Cutting Fruits

In addition to knives for vegetables, which can be conditionally called universal not only for vegetables but also for fruits, there are special knives for cutting fruits, which are even more specific.

Fruit Peels: Types and Properties

The fruit knife is specially designed to work with small and medium-sized fruits: apples, peaches, nectarines, citrus fruits, etc. Let’s explain the universal model of the fruit knife step by step.

Lever Large

Often longer than the blade itself, with a smooth curve, no thumb rest, or “heel” at the base. It should lie comfortably in the hand and not strain the wrist during prolonged work so that the handle is always ergonomically shaped.


The sword is short (average 7.5 cm), with a curved top and straight bottom cutting edge oriented towards a functional point, which is necessary for precise cuts, for example when cutting fruit figures.


Since such a tool is not subject to overload, the material of the blade does not play an important role; It can be a ceramic, single layer, or even Damascus steel.

We have listed all the features of these knives: All artisans make them, especially for passionate chefs, you can enjoy the benefits of these knives in a very simple way: buy and start using them.

Design a knife for peeling and cutting fruit.

In addition to the classic options, there are dozens of different design “passages” – tools designed to facilitate work with fruits, which cannot be assigned to any existing category. Not all craftsmen make such blades, but everyone is interested in getting acquainted with unusual fruit knives.

Apple Cutter

Round shape with a blade in the middle: Pushing the apple through the blade results in 8 individual slices and a separate cut core.

Coring Knife

It is a separate tool, somewhat reminiscent of the shape of a corkscrew: with a circular motion, you can quickly and accurately remove the core of the apple, after which it is removed for fear of bitterness. Can be eaten without.

Knife for Removing

A knife for removing the orange peel. It has an unusual shape: a pear-shaped handle and a short blade in the shape of a shark’s fin, enough to remove the skin, but not to cut the orange.

Choose quality fruit cutters, whose practicality and reliability have been tested by all craftsmen, especially for your comfort and safety!


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