Nandi Hills day trip from Bangalore with kids


Are you in Bangalore and feeling bored? As such, you’ll need to plan some fantastic getaways outside of the city. But if you have time or money limits, and don’t want to stretch your travel plans to a lengthy itinerary, then you can arrange some road trips within 100 kilometres from Bangalore.

How fortunate you are! Astonishing places, presenting themselves in beautiful beauty, and offering varied activities for daring spirits may be found in close proximity to Bangalore. We are all aware that Karnataka has a number of stunning locales at its disposal.

And while you are travelling out from Bangalore in a car to tour some of these, you’ll get a chance to discover all those great places up, close and personal. Unlike example flying, driving permits stopovers at your own whim and fancy, interacting with locals and enjoying local culture and cuisine.

Best time to go around Karnataka – 

Bangalore and the places nearby offer a comfortable climate all-round the year, as the weather here is seldom too harsh. So, a journey in any season can be delightful.

Adventure, sightseeing, historical, and religious tourism are all possible in the areas surrounding Bangalore.

There are a lot of sites to visit around Bangalore with your kids which can turn into a wonderful experience for you to remember for years to come. The next time wanderlust strikes, read about the following places and see how many you can visit:

Atop Skandagiri and Chickballapur

The distance between Bangalore and Skandagiri, which is close to Chikballapur, is about 70 kilometres. It’s a beautiful spot, and most climbers go there at night to see the moonlight. Word on the street is that it’s a hill where you can literally stroll above the clouds. The Kalavara Durga Fort is one of the most well-known and historic structures in the region.

Bangalore’s Sangam

The uniqueness of this location is reflected in its name. Located near the confluence of the Arkavathi and the Kaveri rivers, this is one of the best spots for a day trip outside of Bangalore. From Bangalore, it’s only a 95-kilometer trip to this tranquil destination, ideal for those who find peace near the ocean.


If you’re searching for a thrilling adventure, head to Savandurga Hill, home to one of the tallest monoliths in all of Asia. Balliguda and Kachiguda, two nearby peaks, provide a stunning setting for a photo. Since it’s only about 50 kilometres away, you can get here from Bangalore in under an hour.


Beautiful rocks, caves, and boulders decorate this scenic spot approximately 50 kilometres from Bangalore. Movie fans will recognise this location from countless films shot in the area.

Those in Nandi, India

The city is a popular tourist destination and is only about 60 kilometres from Bangalore. If you want to see the beautiful sunrise over the hills, however, you’ll need to get up extremely early to make the trip. In addition, this area is home to the impressive fortification known as Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.


Located just outside the Savandurga Hills, Manchinbele is a beautiful nice piece of water surrounded by majesty. Bangalore’s major attractions include a river where visitors can go rafting, kayaking, and other water activities. Only a 60-kilometer car ride from Bangalore, it’s a godsend for vacationers seeking excitement.


Anthargange, in the Indian city of Kolar, is a fantastic trekking destination for anyone with a penchant for discovering hidden caverns and volcanic rock formations. By ascending the mound, visitors can obtain a bird’s eye view of the nearby caverns and capture some stunning photographs. It’s only 68 kilometres from Bangalore, yet it’s packed with fun.


A small but picturesque mountain, about 95 kilometres from Bangalore, is encircled by lush vegetation, towering stones, and several well-known temples.


Popular among tourists, this area along the Cauvery River is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities. The largest tropical game fish, the Mahseer, which prefers tranquil waters, lives in the region’s peaceful lakes and rivers. This stunning region is located around 105 miles from Bangalore.


This is another spot to visit near Bangalore which is a heritage site near the city. This is claimed to be a spot where Lord Ram imparted Moksha to a bird named Jatayu and also reminds you of the historical Vijaynagar Rule in the area. As you gaze up in admiration at the fort’s intricately carved pillars, you could even forget the exhaustion of the roughly 120-kilometer drive you just completed.

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