The 5 Best Backup Software Programs of 2022

Let’s imagine you have accidentally deleted some very important files from your laptop, or even worse, your laptop just got stolen.

What would you do? How would you recover those crucial documents if your hard drive suddenly crashed? You need to protect your devices from data loss, hard drive failure, ransomware, and accidents, but how? Due to the rise in malware attacks, it has become imperative to make use of backup software to protect yourself against data loss.

By using backup software you can protect all your data such as your Cox cable bill pay records, your business files, your health record, etc.

Backup Software: How Do They Work?

There are two basic types of backups available; local backup software and online backup software. Using local backup you can copy and save your data on any external device such as an external hard drive. Online backup software is, however, far more complex. They encrypt your data and save it on their servers for off-site storage.

As an individual user, the built-in backup tools might be enough for you if you don’t have really important data that you want to create a backup of.  Nevertheless, on an organizational level, you need to understand that the built-in tools on your Windows PC or MAC are simply not enough to protect your data completely. You need to partner with a good backup software service provider to save you all the stress.

List of Best Backup Software for Windows and Mac

Now that you are serious about getting backup software installed, let’s have a look at the top backup software available in the market.

#1: Macrium Reflect 8

As the company suggests, “Make backup a breeze with Macrium”.

Macrium Reflect 8 is licensed software that possesses solid imaging and cloning capabilities. It promises to provide the best solutions to ensure the safety of your valuable digital assets. It is available for both individual and business settings. It is fast, reliable, and accessible. Although its free version is pretty good, you would need to upgrade to add more features to your mix such as data encryptions, space-saving incremental backups, etc.

Both home and business versions of this software tend to fight against ransomware attacks. Ford, P&G, Disney, and Dyson are some of the most renowned users of Macrium Reflect 8.

#2: Acronis Cyber Protect

One of the most popular names in backup software, Acronis Cyber Protect is compatible with Windows and macOS. Apart from its usual backup tools, Acronis Cyber Protect offers a vast array of anti-malware features.

A simple yet efficient backup solution, Acronis Cyber Backup assists you in protecting your data from all types of cyber-attacks.  It is available in several versions that include disk imaging and file backups to local and network destinations. For its cloud backup version, it saves your important files in tightly protected data centers.

With its enhanced data protection features, it is a safe bet for large organizations which are on the lookout for an efficient and effective backup solution. It offers incremental, differential, and automatic backups for all its versions. Although this software is not free, you can get a free 30-day trial to test it out.

#3: EaseUs Todo Backup

As the name suggests, EaseUs ToDo Backup simplifies your daily data storage and protection tasks. It is a reliable and affordable backup service that is widely trusted worldwide. Its free edition offers free-of-cost data backup and restoring services to back up your system, file, or disk to the data location of your choice.

Backup can easily be saved and shared on a local drive, network location, or any of the three cloud destinations namely Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

The automated backup methods paired with a built-in automation feature make EaseUs ToDo a great backup software. Some business editions have a special feature that automatically runs at 30-minute intervals to save any recent changes. It ensures the protection of your business files and helps reduce downtime on Windows, Workstation, MS SQL, and Exchange databases.

#4: Paragon Backup & Recovery

A professional-grade backup and recovery solution, Paragon Backup & Recovery is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems. Its stability and consistent performance make it one of the best backup tools for 2022.

Available for business users, Paragon software provides a centralized solution for backing up virtual and physical IT infrastructures. It offers disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. The automated system ensures the constant protection of crucial business applications and data. It guarantees efficiency by automating regular backups.

All in all, it is an infallible solution for guarding servers as it guarantees instant resumption of operations for businesses in case of any failure. 

#5: NTI Backup Now

An ideal solution for continuous backup of data, NTI Backup Now offers a wide range of backup options to choose from such as file backups, drive imaging, cloud backups, and much more. Its distinguishing feature of continuous backup sets it apart from other backup solutions. It ensures that any work that you do between the regularly scheduled backups is also protected.

Sadly, NTI Backup Now does not offer any free version but its 30-day trial can be taken. There are variations present for Windows and Mac users. For Windows, NTI Backup Now Pro and NTI Backup Now EX is recommended options whereas NTI Shadow 5 is suggested for Mac users.

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