Supernatural Creature Walking On Bridge

Supernatural Creature Walking On Bridge

The supernatural creature’ walking on a bridge in Jharkhand, India, has become the subject of countless rumors. The video, which is just 30 seconds long, is being circulated online by countless users. But is it really a Mogollon Monster? Is it an alien? What are its true origins? Let’s find out. Listed below are some of the most interesting theories.

Video of a’supernatural creature’ walking on a bridge in Jharkhand goes viral

A video of a spooky figure walking across a bridge in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India has gone viral, sparking a huge debate on social media. People are speculating what this Supernatural Creature Walking On Bridge could be, and have even shared and tagged the video on social media. It is a thirty second clip from the original 1:30 minute video.

The incident came to light when a group of bikers stopped and filmed an “unnatural” figure walking on a bridge. The cyclists captured the footage while using headlights to see the apparition. The group remained at a distance as the strange creature casually walked across the bridge in the dark. The video went viral and was shared by thousands of people across the world.

In the video, a woman is filmed walking on a bridge and can be heard making sounds. The video went viral on Twitter and other messaging platforms. Some viewers claimed to have seen a UFO in the video and even tagged NASA. The two men who recorded the video told Jan Doot News that the figure was a woman walking in the dark.

A mysterious ‘alien’ walking on a bridge in Jharkand has gone viral after a 30-second video was uploaded on YouTube. The video’s uploader wished to remain anonymous, and said that they’d never seen anything like this before. But this was not the only thing that prompted the viral video to go viral. If you’ve ever wondered about the existence of ghosts or aliens in the world, you must have seen videos like these.

The video has caused quite a stir, with many people thinking it’s a ghost, alien, or demonic witch. Others are convinced that it’s a real alien, while some believe it’s just a video. No matter what, it is scary and creepy enough to send a shockwave across social media. You can’t help but wonder what you’ll think about it when you see it.

A mysterious ‘alien’ video has gone viral on social media. The video was uploaded by two teenagers, Deepak and his friend – and is now making the rounds on the internet. The video shows a strange woman walking on a bridge, and the two boys – Deepak and his friend – spooked her, thinking it was a witch. They filmed the bizarre encounter, and it soon became a 30-second Whatsapp status. The post was then circulated on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The mysterious woman in the video was captured by two youths, who were travelling on a highway in the Kharsawan district of Jharkhand. They filmed the woman naked, and later returned to photograph her again. While the video was initially circulated online, Deepak shared a one and a half minute full video of the video, which is much longer than the short clip circulated on the internet.

Is it an alien or a ghost?

A video of a mysterious figure walking on a highway has gone viral on social media. The 30-second clip was shared with the claim that it is either an alien or a ghost. But what actually happened? It was believed that an alien crashed his spaceship to Earth and has been residing there ever since. But is it really an alien or a ghost? And what’s the connection between the two?

Is it a Mogollon Monster?

If you’ve ever been to Payson, Arizona, you may have heard the tale of the Mogollon Monster. This large apelike creature has been sighted in the Grand Canyon area for decades. It has been described as human-sized or larger, with black, gray, or white hair. It often wanders through the area’s dense Ponderosa pine forests. However, you’ve probably never seen it.

But a recent video has been making the rounds on the internet. It shows a seemingly supernatural figure walking across a bridge. Many people on Twitter and other social media have speculated about this Supernatural Creature. However, there’s no official explanation for the existence of the cryptid in this area. Many believe the video was edited by a mysterious being, but others say the video was filmed by a professional.

If you’re curious about the creature, you may want to investigate the Mogollon Monster’s history. The creature is said to be over 7 feet tall and is known to live in secluded areas. In 1903, a man named I.W. Stevens reported seeing this hirsute humanoid near the Grand Canyon. The creature was later named the Mogollon Monster.

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