Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde

Mercury is considered an auspicious planet in astrology. Retrograde Mercury is the position in astrology. Mercury is one of the major planets in astrology. It is also called the factor of speech. Along with this, mercury also helps in increasing the knowledge of the person. In astrology, the planet Mercury is considered an important planet. This planet has got the title of prince. That is, the planet mercury has been called the prince of the planets.


The nature of the planet mercury is considered to be the lord of Gemini and Virgo. In astrology, the planet Mercury is considered a benign planet. It is also called the prince of all planets. Mercury is considered the factor of mathematics, logic, speech, communication, commerce, skin, humor, etc. The exalted sign of Mercury in Virgo, while Mercury is considered low in Pisces.

Effectiveness of Mercury in Vedic astrology:-

According to Vedic astrology, if Mercury is in an auspicious position in the horoscope of a person, then that person gets good results. The speech of the native is very influential. Along with this, whatever the person says has more effect on the listener. Along with this, the person makes the person logical. The mental power of the person is strong. The native is capable of taking his own decisions. In such a situation, being in an auspicious position due to the retrograde of Mercury will become auspicious for the person. 

Weakness of Mercury in Kundli:- 

According to astrology, if mercury is weak then it will work to give inauspicious and opposite results. Due to this, the native will have to face problems. The speech of the native becomes harsh and rude. Due to this, no matter how well the person talks, he becomes bitter toward others. The native feels incapable of taking decisions and feels hesitant. There is a negative effect on the life of the person.

Mercury retrograde and transiting in the horoscope:-

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter transit in the retrograde state from time to time in the nine planets recognized in Vedic astrology. On the other hand, Rahu and Ketu are two such planets that remain almost retrograde, according to astrologers. Whereas the sun and moon are not retrograde planets. Mercury retrograde gives different results according to the house. 

Astronomically phenomenon of mercury retrograde:-

Astronomically retrograde Mercury retrograde is especially an astronomical phenomenon when the planet Mercury appears to move backward rather than forward in the solar system. Mercury moves retrograde three to four times a year. It is believed that mercury retrograde occurs at five different times or periods.

The effect of retrograde Mercury on human life:-

  • The effect of retrograde mercury on human life is seen according to the 12 houses mentioned in astrology, then the effect of retrograde mercury is different. The presence of retrograde mercury in the first house is not considered right for the native.
  • According to astrologers, in such a situation, the person sits on wrong decisions due to which he has to face loss. Sitting in the second house by Mercury retrograde makes the person intelligent. The person thinks deeply before taking his decisions. The person is logical.
  • The presence of retrograde mercury in the third house of the horoscope makes the person fearless.  Increases the self-confidence of the person. The native shows more interest in doing risky tasks.
  • The retrograde of mercury in the fourth house of the horoscope creates the possibility of monetary gains for the native. But the native can also indulge in living life with luxury.
  • The sitting of retrograde mercury in the fifth house is considered auspicious. A relationship with a partner is better. There is happiness and prosperity in the family.
  • If retrograde mercury is sitting in the sixth house, then the person has to face mental stress. The person looks at everyone with suspicion. Have trouble believing.

Effect of mercury retrograde in the other six houses of horoscope:-

  • Sitting retrograde in the seventh house of the horoscope indicates the arrival and acquisition of an attractive partner in the life of the person. Such a person gets a beautiful life partner. 
  • The presence of retrograde mercury in the eighth house makes the person liberal toward religion. Gives a philosophical perspective to the native. Along with this, the person takes interest in the field of spirituality. 
  • The placement of retrograde mercury in the ninth house of the horoscope makes the person rational. Are prudent.
  • The retrograde of mercury in the tenth house gives benefits to the native in ancestral property. You don’t have to see the face of poverty.
  • Sitting in retrograde position in the eleventh house of the magazine gives long life to the person. The native spends his life happily.
  • The placement of retrograde mercury in the twelfth house makes the people fearless. There is no fear of anyone inside the person. He succeeds in making a way to defeat his opponents. Takes interest in religion. For the best horoscope services to contact Astrologer in Nanranpura.


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