JIDION Has Been Suspended From Twitch

JiDion is a successful YouTuber and a rising star on social networks. He has 5.3 million YouTube subscribers and 3.6 million followers on Tiktok.


The videos he makes are fresh and never make the same content twice. JiDion has created videos that are popular with a variety of audiences, and he never makes the same content twice.


YouTuber jidion has a large following and an active Twitch channel. He has more than 5.6 million subscribers and over 423 million video views. Jidion also has his own discord server, where he has 5.6k members. The YouTuber also has a Twitter account, where he has 1.3k followers.

YouTuber jidion is an American singer and vlogger. He began posting funny videos to his channel in February 2019. Although he wasn’t consistent with his uploads, he now aims to upload at least one video every week.

His videos are usually filmed in public places and are largely comedic in nature. One of his most popular videos, “Asking Complete Strangers to Marry Me,” has gained over 500k subscribers and has been viewed over four million times in less than two weeks.

JiDion’s recent arrest in Paris has raised eyebrows in the YouTube community. He claimed to have been arrested and imprisoned for a night, and fans are now speculated that this was all part of a YouTube stunt that went wrong. JiDion, however, does not seem to have been affected by the arrest and has vowed to release a new video to entertain his fans.

Twitch streamer

A Twitch streamer called Jidion has been suspended from the site for harassing a famous Twitch streamer named Pokimane. Pokimane has millions of followers and is one of the most famous Twitch streamers. Jidion joined the site on January 11, 2017 and has since been banned from Twitch.

During a live stream on Twitch, he was harassing Pokimane and his followers. Pokimane was so angry that she stopped the stream and demanded a 14-day ban from the platform. After a couple of days, she requested a permanent ban from Twitch, and Jidion was removed from the site.

JiDion has taken to Twitter to voice his displeasure with Twitch for banning him for tweeting a hateful tirade against a female player.

His tweet gained a lot of attention after receiving more than 164k likes. After his tweet went viral, JiDion went on to tag Twitch support in a follow-up tweet. He urged fans to use the hashtag #TwitchRespond to see if the platform is conspiring with Twitter to take down controversial topics.

Social media star

JiDion is an American YouTube star who is gaining popularity in the world of social media. JiDion, real name JiDion Adams, is a prankster and comedian.

His videos have gained millions of views and have become viral videos. JiDion has been making funny videos on YouTube since 2016. His newest video, “Thick Chicks,” was viewed over 5.4 million times in just two weeks!

JiDion’s YouTube channel has over a million subscribers, and his videos have earned him millions of dollars. He started the channel on July 2, 2018, and has since deleted all of his early videos. When he was a senior in high school, he learned about YouTube and became fascinated by content creation.

In January 2022, JiDion invaded the live stream of popular gaming influencer Pokimane. The prankster’s fans flooded Pokimane’s live stream with hate comments.

When Pokimane became furious, he stopped the livestream and demanded a 14-day ban or permanent ban from the site. The Twitch representatives listened to the angry fans and imposed a ban on JiDion.

Member of Prime Hydration

JiDion has been making waves on the Internet for quite some time and has a strong fan base. Recently, JiDion joined Logan Paul’s “Prime Squad”, which is a group of young influencers who are rising in the internet community.

JiDion announced her membership on the final episode of her YouTube series, Impulsive Audio notation. She has also confirmed that she is the first member of the group.

Jidion is a member of the Prime Hydration team, which was announced by Logan Paul in his YouTube video “The Prime Squad.” Besides being a member of the Prime Squad, she is also an employee of a multi-million-dollar company, and is expected to earn a decent amount of money for the time being.

Prime Hydration sports drink has six different varieties and can be found at most major retailers. This beverage has also made it to the UK. The video star has even opened up about the effects of social media on his mental health.

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