The cashmere sweater

“After silk, cashmere… What is this prout-prout?! »

Yes and I assume, nothing to square!

Since I became aware of the importance of materials and became particularly attentive to them, my life has changed (understand my body odour and my nervousness).

Cashmere next to the skin, have you ever tried it? It’s orgasmic! It ‘s so soft and so comfortable … Try it whenever you get the chance. And I promise, there’s no risk of it scratching or stinging like some of Granny’s wools.

My first cashmere is a Bérénice bought in a garage sale. Not a fan of the brand, I must admit that the quality of this sweater is unquestionable.

And the advantage of buying second-hand cashmere is that cashmere has softened and embellished over the washes (yes, cashmere loves water ). Basically, the more you wash it, the more comfortable it is to wear

these sweaters will last over time

On the other hand, cashmere is expensive . It is the fleece of goats that face up to -40°C on the Mongolian plateaus (hence the “protective from the cold” side of this wool) and the manufacture of a fine sweater requires the fleeces of about 6 goats. You are informed.

Brands specialising in cashmere are, among others, Brunello Cucinelli , Zadig&Voltaire, Hector & Lola,  Eric Bompard  and Acanthe , but then you have to be ready to invest in your wardrobe! Investing is the right word since these sweaters will last over time, or even be passed on.

And if it is a question of reselling it one day, the price to be withdrawn from it will remain interesting. In fact, if you think about it, you build up savings when you buy a cashmere sweater! No, I’m not trying to convince myself, no…

Still, I prefer cashmeres at more affordable prices.

 Cashmere is now widely democratised and many brands offer cashmere sweaters and cardigans around .In return for these lower prices, you will have a thin sweater (often 2 threads versus 12 threads for high quality sweaters).

Uniqlo has a reputation for offering excellent value for money and I recently had a chance to make up my own mind with their Christmas special. You can also look at Monoprix , Etam , Zara , La Redoute , Gap , Les Galeries Lafayette or H&M .

So spoiled for choice!I love wearing cashmere next to the skin, paired with jeans, skirts or shorts. Since I only have thin sweaters, I take care to tuck my sweater into my bottom to mark my waist.

I’m also dreaming of a maxi cashmere sweater, to be worn loose over a leather skirt for example (or over leather skinny jeans if I had the right body!).

I find the cashmere+leather or cashmere+lace combination always very successful , for example by wearing a camisole or a lace bodysuit under a V-neck sweater that reveals the lace.

You can also wear it over a dress, transforming it into a skirt. I find it very pretty, especially by adding a thin belt at the waist over the sweater.

What about caring for cashmere  ? Not as bad as you imagine! Already, cashmere loves water, as mentioned above, the more you wash your cashmere, the more it becomes more beautiful and softer

.The key is to wash your sweater in cold water , in the washing machine or by hand machine washing allows even washing and spinning taking care not to use detergent (I use my shampoo as a detergent for cashmere) and especially no fabric softener.

The cardigan or waistcoat

Does the word “cardigan” remind you of mothballs? Ooooh you can be sectarian…

After all, it’s not my fault that the term “vest” actually describes this masculine sleeveless piece that buttons over a shirt (see the unfriendly Parisian brasserie waiter?).The “cardigan” therefore, is this piece that we all call “vest”, which has sleeves and which is a warm material, a priori.

A priori because you still have to look a little before finding wool and/or cashmere cardigans. Most of these pieces, at least in the stores I go to, are made of cotton or acrylic or a mixture of the two.

If it’s not just the word but the very concept of “cardigan” that evokes mothballs, what a pity! Because by varying the cuts and the materials, you will inevitably find a model that will suit you.

And it has this advantage of adding a layer of warmth but also style .

The cropped cardigan is usually thin and stops at hip height. It has the reputation of not being very modern (it’s sure that if you take out your peter pan collar and your row of pearls with it, you won’t help yourself) and not being flattering with curves.

However, it is the length that I wear the most and, paradoxically, because I find that this length fattens me less than a longer cardigan. I wear it over a flowy blouse or denim shirt and take care to roll up the sleeves over my forearms, rolling up both the shirt and the cardigan.

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