Learn How to Play Chessle

In chessle, the pieces are black and white. You can play in Expert or Normal modes. The main difference between the two is the number of moves you can make per move.

This app also has a Wordle version. Chessle Wordle will show you the board and pieces in numbers and letters. You can also see your moves within a box. It is recommended to use at least three moves per try.


Normal mode

Chessle is a puzzle game that is played online. The object of the game is to guess the opening sequence of chess pieces as quickly as possible. You have six chances to guess each piece’s first move, so you must be very accurate. In addition, you can flip the board and undo your mistakes.

Expert mode

In chessle, there are two game modes available: normal and expert. In the normal mode, you have to guess three moves for each color; in the expert mode, you must guess five moves for each color.

Both of these modes have different rules and are suitable for players of different levels. Choosing the right mode is essential to have a successful game.


In the NF3 chessle game, a green tile is displayed when a player makes a move. This means that the player used the NF3 piece in their move. Other pieces include the D4 and D5, which play in either black or white. The more moves that are made, the more tokens the player has. The game has six levels and can be played by one or more players.


The first step in learning to play Chessle is to understand the rules of the game. There are two modes to play: expert mode (five moves per side) and standard mode (three moves per side). In expert mode, you have six guesses to find the right moves, but they are not always correct.


A D5 is a piece in chess. This piece can play in either black or white. The player must learn to use it and its sequence in a game. It is also important to learn the sequence of the opening.


If you’re looking for a new twist on a classic chess line, try the d6. It’s a bold move, but it’s an important one, and one you’ll find useful in a variety of games.

Green on d4

When you play a game of chess, it is important to remember the meaning of the colored squares. Green on d4 means that white used the color d4 in the first move.

Yellow on d4 means that black or white sketched d4 was used. A grey square on d5 means that neither black nor white drew d5.

D5 on d5

D5 is a two-note chord that is neither a major nor a minor. It is commonly abbreviated as D5. The D5 is built with a root and a fifth.

d5 on d4

In the opening, the d5 on d4 is a very strong candidate. It is even stronger when the black bishop and white pawn are in a bad position.

This is because black can exploit the target on d5 to equalize tempo and to create threats against the pawn.

NF3 on d4

When playing the game of Chessle, a player should be aware of the basics. He should know that the game involves 6 different pieces, three for each side.

The chess moves are as follows: green on Nf3, yellow on d4, and grey on d5. The d-file knight are protected by the king’s pawn.

Many opening sequences have standard names such as the “Sicilian Defense”. The Oxford Companion to Chess lists¬†1,327¬†named openings and variants, and there are many others with varying degrees of common usage.

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