Is the Alienware Aurora 2019 R9 a Good Buy?

Alienware Aurora 2019 ? If you’re looking for a new gaming laptop, you may be interested in the Alienware Aurora R9, a gaming laptop from Alienware. This article will cover the price of this model and its features. Then you can decide if it’s the right choice for you based on what you need it for.

Alienware Aurora 2019

Alienware Aurora R9

The Alienware Aurora R9 is one of Alienware’s latest models, and it handles everyday computing tasks and weighty game downloads well.

The SSD makes boot-ups blazing fast. It’s designed for general-purpose computing, as well as more advanced pursuits like video editing. It will give you plenty of power to do everything from basic word processing to advanced graphics.

The case looks elegant and is covered in a matte finish. The front panel has a scooped-out design for better airflow. It’s also equipped with AlienFX RGB lighting, which is customizable in two or three zones. The back panel has illuminated logos and the Alienware logo.

The Alienware Aurora R9 comes with multiple video card options. It can be fitted with GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or two GeForce RTX 2080 cards. It also has plenty of ram to handle the most demanding games. It also has several ports and slots, and it comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Alienware Aurora R9 has a futuristic design. Its motherboard features the Z370 chipset, which supports a 9th gen Intel Core processor and 64GB of DDR4 memory. The Aurora R9 is a mid-tower form factor computer, which means it can be upgraded with more RAM or storage. It also has enough room for liquid cooling. Alienware Aurora 2019.

Alienware Aurora R9 price

The Alienware Aurora R9 is a high-end PC with a futuristic design. However, it’s not cheap. It’s priced above the competition in the boutique builder sector. Fortunately, you can save money by building your own computer instead of buying a prebuilt one from Alienware.

The Alienware Aurora features seven ninth-generation Intel processors and up to 14 graphics card options. The Aurora also supports a HyperX Fury 3200MHz memory module. It also supports Intel’s Optane storage arrays. This gaming desktop also features a high-speed fan, which keeps the temperature low.

The Alienware Aurora features a new Legend Industrial Design that is visually striking. Its LEDs are ringed and can be changed color. This is a feature that distinguishes it from the low-cost Dell G5 gaming tower. It is also equipped with a dedicated graphics card and plenty of storage space.

The Alienware Aurora R9 is a powerful gaming PC with four SATA ports. The Aurora is also equipped with a high-resolution display. The Alienware Aurora R9’s display is able to display up to 1080p resolution. You can play high-end games with ease using its blazing-fast display.

The Alienware Aurora is equipped with an Intel Core i7 9700 CPU and an 8-core Geforce RTX 2070 graphics card. It also comes with 16GB of memory. The Aurora R9 price for 2019 is $2,599. This gaming PC is a powerful option for anyone looking for high-end gaming. Alienware Aurora 2019.

Alienware Aurora R9 features

The Alienware Aurora R9 is a gaming laptop with an impressive array of features. It comes with a Micro-ATX motherboard based on the Intel Z370 chipset and supports Intel 9th Gen Core i3/i5/i9 processors. Alienware Aurora 2019.

The laptop has a factory overclock of 4.4 to 4.7 GHz, depending on the model, and has an Alienware-branded closed-loop liquid cooling system. It also has a well-thought-out airflow design.

The chassis is impressive, with almost a dozen USB ports (many of them SuperSpeed). In addition, it offers all of the usual connectivity gubbins, such as DP and HDMI ports. Although the Aurora R9 ships with an integrated graphics card, you can also choose to upgrade to a GeForce card if you wish.

There are also three USB slots on the front of the notebook, as well as three audio/microphone jacks. The case also features sliding locks at the back. This allows you to access the inside of the laptop with ease.

The Alienware Aurora R9 has a futuristic design that makes it stand out from other gaming desktop computers. It comes with a high-end graphics card, including two GeForce RTX 2080s, a new video card with more than twice the graphics performance than previous models.

Although it costs more than a typical gaming laptop, the Aurora R9 offers a high-quality gaming computer for the money. Alienware Aurora 2019.

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