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HongKongDoll is one of the most popular shopping destinations for luxury goods. It’s an enclosed city-state on the southernmost tip of China and is famous for its high-end boutiques, malls, and luxury hotels.


HongKongdoll is a Hong Kong brand specializing in fashion dolls, accessories, and miniatures. The company was founded in 2006 by Ms. Evelyn Lee and Ms. Karen Luo.

The first store was opened at Causeway Bay in 2007, followed by other locations, including Central and Causeway Bay.

A new concept store opened on Po Lin Street West on 16 January 2019, including a display area for the new dolls released in late 2018 and a place for selling pieces of merchandise from previous collections such as clothing for girls or boys, etc.


Hong Kongdoll is also a brand name for fashion accessories, dolls, and miniatures. The company produces high-quality products in cooperation with world-famous designers. They have provided its customers with excellent service since they were founded in 2003.


Hong Kongdoll is a modern and fashionable brand designing dolls, miniatures, and accessories for over 45 years. The late Mr. Wong Shing-Fai founded the company in 1971.

He was born in Shanghai, China but moved to Hong Kong early, where he started his career as a toy designer before founding HKDoll. Since then, HKDoll has grown into one of the largest doll manufacturers in Asia, with over 400 employees working on new designs daily!

The company’s wide range of items includes dolls (both miniaturized versions and full-sized ones), fashion accessories like shoes or dresses for both boys & girls; even jewelry sets for girls are available if you’re looking for something special!


Miniatures are minor versions of larger objects. They can be used for display, or they can be played with. Miniatures can be made from metal, wood, plastic, and other materials.

Miniatures were initially used in the military to show off your power and prestige by creating a representation of your army or team that would serve as an effective deterrent against any potential attackers.

This type of miniature has been around since ancient times when troops marched through Europe carrying large wooden structures with them so that people could see what each soldier looked like on the battlefield (or wherever else they decided to fight).

In modern times miniatures have taken on many different forms – some people collect these things, but most people use them just as decorations around their home!


Hong Kong Dolls are the ultimate accessory to any outfit. Whether you’re going out or want to add some flair, these little dolls will make your look pop!

Our selection includes miniatures and full-size dolls in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We have everything from sweet little girls to hip young men—and even a few super-cool superheroes!


hongkongdoll dolls are a unique product that you should not miss. They are lovely and have good quality fabric, making them more durable than other products.

The price of hongkongdoll dolls is also reasonable, so you can buy one without worrying about the cost. You can find these dolls in any store that sells imported goods or online stores, but if you want something unique, then visit our website first because we offer some exciting items for sale there.

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