Attack on Titan – Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger is a quadrupedal Titan, a member of Marley’s Warrior Unit, and an advocate of peace and reparation for Eldian rights. She is often described as sarcastic and witty. She is a Leo and is part of the Intuitive neophyte (INTP) personality type.

Pieck is a Leo

While Pieck Finger is a Leo, his personality does not show the typical traits of the Leo. Instead, he is humble, nonjudgmental, and puts importance on harmony and freedom. He shares similar characteristics with the ENTJ and ENFJ. They are considered golden pairs as they share the right balance of similarities and differences.

Pieck has a practical and analytical mindset. He does not believe in destined relationships. However, one night of working in Dark Heaven will convince him that nature is stronger than he thinks.

She is an INTP

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not your Pieck Finger is an INTP, you’re in luck. This kind of personality type is known for its logical approach and passion for life. It is able to stay calm in chaotic situations while devising strategy. It is open-minded and has a strong sense of justice.

INTPs are not good with emotions, and they often focus on the details. This trait makes them excellent problem solvers. They are also known to have great ambitions. They believe they’re better than anyone else to run the Momobami clan. They will do anything to oust Kirari from her seat.

She is sarcastic

Pieck finger is an adorable and charming character. While she is not as conventionally pretty as Mikasa, Pieck has plenty of funny quirks and is very charismatic.

Pieck has a great sense of humor, which makes her particularly appealing to her team of Marleyian soldiers. She also has a great affinity for Lofi music, which is why she often brings home flowers with her.

She is witty

Pieck Finger is one of the most likable characters in the Attack on Titan series. With her sweet smile and simple eyes, she is a popular character that many people identify with.

Pieck Finger has principled ideals and always stands up for what she believes in while still considering the needs of others. This is what makes her the most likable character in the series.

Pieck is known for deciphering clues and formulating strategies. In fact, her wit and intellectual abilities are comparable to Armin’s. Her quick wits have wowed her fellow Warriors and helped her be chosen to inherit the Cart Titan.

As a result of her keen intellect, she has mastered many difficult situations, deduced consequences, and always remains in the right frame of mind to make the best decisions for the situation.

She cares deeply about her comrades

Pieck Finger is one of the most likeable characters in the Attack on Titan manga and anime series. Her sweet smile and simple eyes make her an extremely attractive character.

The character also has very principled ideals and always puts her comrades’ needs before her own. Her caring, compassionate nature makes her one of the most likable characters in the series. The character’s likability is also reflected in her deep concern for her fellow Titans.

Pieck has a strong bond with her father, Marley, and Zeke, and has a strong sense of loyalty towards them. She also has a strong desire to put the war to an end and live with her father peacefully.

In addition, she has shown a deep concern for the Eldian race, which the world considers as a threat. She has also shown deep affection for her comrades, as seen by her frequent comments about them.

She is a quadrupedal Titan

The Cart Titan is a small quadrupedal Titan which is fast and durable, perfect for carrying weapons equipment and cargo. Pieck Finger, a Marleyan Warrior, inhabits this Titan form, which allows him to remain transformed for months. His close relationship with the gunners allows him to use this Titan form for military advancement.

In the Attack on Titan anime series, Pieck finger is one of the most adorable characters in the series. Her cute smile and simple eyes make her an incredibly likable character.

Her principled ideals are admirable, making her one of the most sympathetic characters in the series. She always stands up for what she believes in, but always considers the needs of the other members of the group as well.

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