Webfleet Solutions Roadshow and fleet management webfleet solutions

A new roadshow from TomTom telematics, formerly known as Webfleet Solutions, toured the UK to highlight the benefits of their service for drivers and businesses.

The company was able to convince business owners of the benefits of a fleet management system while demonstrating the many ways that Webfleet solutions can make their business more efficient. Here are some of the reasons why you should use one. fleet management web fleet solutions

fleet management webfleet solutions


WEBFLEET Work App is a powerful application for Android mobile devices that empowers professional drivers. It allows fleet managers to keep track of drivers’ work times, communicate with the office, and send orders directly to them.fleet management webfleet solutions

This app allows fleet managers to track driver performance and boost efficiency. Drivers can also register for jobs right from their mobile devices, and managers can see their driving data in real-time.

WEBFLEET Work App enables fleet managers to see their drivers’ OptiDrive scores and assign vehicles to drivers. Other features of the application include order management, mileage registration, messaging, and work status. fleet management webfleet solutions

The app also supports TomTom navigation, which can be used for vehicles of all types. This feature is particularly useful for distribution networks. Drivers can use this feature to plan their routes.

Another great feature of the WEBFLEET Work App is that it integrates seamlessly with TomTom’s GO Fleet application.

With a seamless integration, drivers can get updated maps, traffic reports, and directions without having to worry about changing routes or rerouting their cars. The webfleet application also enables the drivers to start a route automatically for a particular order.fleet management webfleet solutions

TomTom GO Fleet

Webfleet solutions are designed to help you manage your fleet in a more efficient way. The WEBFLEET interface provides superior user experience and architecture, enabling you to develop core features more quickly and evolve along with customer requirements.fleet management webfleet solutions

With WEBFLEET, you can easily pre-plan routes based on a broader range of criteria. Moreover, you can even send pre-planned routes to your drivers using TomTom PRO driver terminals.

Webfleet solutions have a strong focus on enhancing the functionality of a GPS system. This means that the system can integrate with your existing business applications. fleet management webfleet solutions

It also helps you save fuel by calculating the mileage and fuel consumption of your fleet. Moreover, the software allows you to receive ETAs in real time, which is crucial when dispatching a fleet of vehicles.

The WEBFLEET Work App offers workforce management features such as logging working time, registering drivers, setting trip modes, managing orders and schedules, and more.

The WEBFLEET Work App enables you to manage your workforce with ease, while the TomTom GO Fleet application is a powerful and easy-to-use GPS navigation app that helps you manage your company’s fleet.

TomTom telematics

In April 2019 TomTom Telematics and Webfleet Solutions merged to create a single platform for fleet management. With the WEBFLEET mobile app, users can monitor, track, and manage all vehicles from a single place.fleet management webfleet solutions

Its features include workforce management, logging working hours, registering drivers, and more. The GO Fleet App also offers two-way communication.

The WEBFLEET fleet management platform enables dispatchers to schedule orders and update drivers’ status in real time. The solution also provides reports to measure fleet efficiency.

Users can define geographical areas and vehicle groups and switch to a specific focus when needed. In addition to providing near-real-time fleet efficiency tracking, WEBFLEET is also equipped with a dashboard feature that allows users to customize their KPIs. fleet management webfleet solutions

Users of Webfleet Solutions have mostly positive comments. Its reliability, ease of use, and security have all been praised by its users. However, some users have reported faulty updates, unsatisfactory customer service, and a poor user experience.

Overall, Webfleet Solutions has an average score of 4.3. Its features are extensive, but its cost is high.

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